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North Carolina

Digital Specialist

About Evelyn

Evelyn is a seasoned storyteller and communications professional who brings warmth and creativity to professional spaces. With a genuine appreciation for people, technology, and culture, she passionately dives into the ever-evolving realms of strategic communication, digital, and social media strategy initiatives, finding joy in both sharing insights and gaining wisdom.


Evelyn earned her Master of Arts in Communications with an emphasis on organizational and strategic communications from the University of Southern Indiana, where she also received her bachelor’s degree in communication studies.


Evelyn is your go-to expert for digital and social media strategy, strategic communications, DEI+B, and professional development. Her diverse background spans more than eight years in K-12, higher education, non-profits, and corporate domains, making her a versatile asset to any project.


Reaching beyond her expertise, Evelyn infuses her work with a delightful blend of global awareness, creative flair, a results-focused mindset, and strategic acumen. Known for steering successful integrated marketing campaigns, she effortlessly weaves impactful narratives across various platforms and mediums, making her not just a professional but a likable force in the world of communication.

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