iStock_000018763003LargeWhat does a Builder Mentor do?
They act as a catalyst for discovering, designing and deploying the goals of business owners and leaders.

How do they do it?
Through many years of experience owning, building and running businesses, utilizing Graduate level academic learning, and employing a mixture of comprehensive, detailed assessment systems and programs in concert with a support team of specialists, a Builder Mentor roles up their sleeves, aligns side by side with business owners/leaders and submerses themselves in the enterprise until all deliverables have been met.

What does discovery look like? *The Discovery phase may employ some or all of the following based on the clients’ needs.
Founder and Team DNA assessments
• Strategy gaps based on DNA
o Basic and Advanced Assessments
o Team DNA Assessment with Optimizer Report
o Team Dynamics Workshop
o Breakthrough Entrepreneurship Video Course
o Entrepreneurial DNA book
Vision vs. Reality
• Vision Statement
• Mission Statement
• Dreams

Company SWOT
• Strengths
• Weakness
• Opportunities
• Threats

Shift Readiness & Productivity Continuum – Turningpoints2results
• Inertia Mode
• Delegate Mode
• Shift! – Readiness Zone

Change Grid ™ – Institute for Productive Tension©
• Reveals the level of engagement an individual or group experiences around an action and predicts the likelihood of execution
o Determine how far you are from productivity zone
o Actually shift performance
o Measure productive tension
o Plot breakthrough performance metric
o Emerge with a strong start

IMX Organizational Health Checkup – The Talent Management Institute©
• Measure performance in 11 core dimensions of business success
o A first step in helping determine where energy needs to be focused, where the greatest potential for business improvements lie and where additional business diagnostics may be required.

What does design look like? *The Design phase may employ some or all of the following based on the clients’ needs.

Business Model Optimizer® (BMO) – The Accelerator @ BOSI© – Conducted during a personalized and comprehensive half or full day ‘Whiteboard’ session with business owner(s) or leader(s).
1. BMO sections 1 and 2
• The Problem
• The Solution
2. BMO sections 3 through 5
• Target
• Insight
• Differentiator (WOW)

3. BMO sections 6 through 8
• Sales Process
• Marketing Channels
o The Marketing CAT SCAN – A Powerful diagnostic and strategy tool that will unlock hidden revenue and profit centers in your business. This is a multi-hour, week long volume that will pay you back handsome rewards.
• Opportunity Funnel
4. BMO section 9
• Business Model
5. BMO section 10 and 11
• Scalability
• Sustainability
6. 12-Month Business Plan and KPI Design
• Integrating vision, company SWOT, DNA and Optimizer together
• Identifying KPIs
• Creating systems for KPI monitoring
7. 90-Action Plan

** After completion of whiteboard session and business model optimizer, also recommended are the 3D Workshop Series (Live or on-Line) and the Accelerator – 30 and 90-day Program.

Stages of Growth Matrix – TTI Success Insights® – The Talent Management Institute©
• 27 Challenges and the 7 Stages of Growth grid
o e.g. – Profits are inadequate, Customers migrating away, cash flow challenges, employee turnover, communication gap(s), Staff training, lost expertise cost, Company culture, changing marketplace, slow product/service delivery, inability to expand sales.
• Leadership Competencies and the 7 Stages of Growth grid
o e.g. – Emotional Self-awareness, Self Confidence, Self-Control, Adaptability, Optimism, Inspirational Leadership, Developing others, Change Catalyst.
• Leadership Styles and the 7 Stages of Growth grid
o e.g. – Visionary, Coaching, Democratic, Pacesetting, Commanding.


1. Ongoing coaching and advisory as company deploys plan.

2. Option for Business Process Outsourcing in weak areas. For example;
a. Availability of Fractional C-Suite services.
b. Human Resources specialists
c. Risk mitigation services
d. Fractional Operational experts
e. Fractional Marketing experts

3. Option for entry into the Portfolio Company Program
• BOSI is an award winning growth acceleration process for second stage companies. BOSI segments business owners based on their “Entrepreneurial DNA” and designs business plans, teams and go-to-market strategy mapped to the unique DNA of that entrepreneur. The BOSI process has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal and featured in numerous national media outlets. It has been endorsed by the likes of Seth Godin, Vistage CEO Rafael Pastor and BNI founder Ivan Misner. Today, BOSI technology and methodology power entrepreneurship platforms around the world.
• Companies selected to join the Portfolio Company are engineered for sustainable and scalable growth during the first 90-180 days. Following this process (which includes some growth acceleration), an operating team of proven entrepreneurs align with company ownership to scale the company over multiple years – and prepare the company for exit.
• In 2012, 13 companies went through the initial 90-180 day strategy and initial acceleration phase – reporting 200+ new jobs, $2 million in debt/equity funding and an average growth rate of 43.5% in the following 3 quarters.