HMA Business Catalysts

Team Leader Charles M Alexander is Innovative Business Leader with a impeccable track record of propelling growth and turnaround performance in mid-market companies across diverse industries. Extraordinary success implementing leverage and turnaround strategies, market penetration, competitive positioning, and creation of optimized business entities. Strong financial and risk management acumen, and hands-on knowledge of team leadership principles to elevate performance in competitive environments. Recognized for building trust based Board, Investor, and C-Level relationships and for inspiring organizations to achieve unparalleled growth in revenue, profitability, and market share.

  1. Business Strategy and Execution

    Maximizes the strategic business model to spearhead successful start-ups and facilitate sustainable growth. Propels multimillion-dollar asset gains, generates traction in competitive markets, and builds long-term equity value. Built $100M enterprise from start-up, with return on investment exceeding 170%. Identified market niche, and acquired/served more than 2500 clients.

  2. Vision and Innovation

    Creates and delivers the vision and roadmap to develop new products and enter new markets.

  3. Leadership and Change Management

    Acquires superior talent, promotes continuous learning, and builds systems, processes, and organizational structures for successful start-ups and transformations.

  4. Adding Value/Driving Market Shar

    Built lending services firm from start-up to $67 million over 9 year period.

  5. Financial Leverage/Innovative Systems

    Develop proprietary CRM system at 25% of typical development costs.


  • P&L Management

  • Business Development

  • Start-ups and Turnarounds

  • Performance Optimization

  • Revenue Acceleration

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Product and Market Development

  • Board and Investor Relations

  • Organizational Development

  • Financial and Economic Analysis

  • Marketing and Public Relations

Memberships and Affiliations

Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina Executive Roundtable (NCER)
Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)